NG ❤ 

This is for the girl I love the most,

She’s the warmth that keeps me outta frost,

The one who keeps me outta pain,

by showing her beauty,that is too plain,

She keeps me falling for her everyday.

I just wanna have her in every single way,

Nothing seems brighter than her face,

In my heart no one can replace her place,

I couny her in my every single prayer,

“She has become my need” is all I wanna declare,

Never seen myself this crazy for someone before,

and I cant stop myself to be more.

She is the air I wanna inhale,

that Princess of every of my tale,

Girl you got me mad for you,true!

I just wanna say I thing I’m again in love with you!! ❤ 

#Love #Beautiful !


Author: Abhay

Layman with a touch of everything!

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